Dendrogenix is a Belgium-based biotech company founded in 2018 to develop first-in-class molecules, Dendrogenins, to address high unmet medical needs in hearing loss and neurology.

Hearing Loss

Based on a unique mechanism of action (restoration of synapses’ coupling) and after generating encouraging pre-clinical results in several animal models, Dendrogenix primary asset DX243 is expected to start regulatory toxicology studies and phase 1 clinical trials in 2022 in hearing loss.                                                      

DX243 efficacy was pre-clinically demonstrated in various species and models in prevention and/or treatment of hearing loss with different ways of administration. These studies were performed in several academic institutions such as the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), the University of Tubingen (Germany), the CSIC (Spain) and the University of Liège (Belgium).


Dendrogenins appear to own beneficial neuronal properties (i.e. excitotoxicity, inflammation, neuritogenesis, energetic metabolism, synapses) associated with the regeneration of the nervous system.

Since these properties are associated with many neurological diseases, the company also intends to further advance its pre-clinical pipeline of products in the neurology area.