DX101 :  a drug against Cancer

The proof of the preclinical efficacy of DX101 has been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, melanoma and breast cancer.

DX101 acts by an original mechanism to reprogram the tumour cells that are then recognized by the immune system, itself activated by DX101. 

The receptor mediating the biological effects of DX101 has been identified. Its discovery enables Dendrogenix to have an initial predictive tool to evaluate the therapeutic response to DX101. The expression of this receptor in tumour cells of various origins widens the prospects for the use of DX101 against other cancers.

The direct action of DX101 on the cancerous cells is essential to raise the activity of the immune system that does not recognize the tumour as being a foreign body.

This property, combined with its capacity to directly activate the antigen presenting cells and T lymphocytes, makes DX101 an anti-tumour agent that represents a technological breakthrough for cancer treatment.